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Retouching, Editing, Culling & Album Design

As photographers we spend our lives creating gorgeous images. We want them to be as perfect as possible, but because weddings are not shot in a perfectly lit studio we sometimes come across things that get in the way of that perfection. You have a bunch of blinks in a formal shot, someone photobombs your epic wedding landscape or a child grimaces in one shot even though everything else is perfect. White balance and wonky horizons need fixing and then you want to make sure your images fit your style and so you need a preset added.

You also want a life. You want down time, time with family, time to spend on self care and time to be creative. This is where I come in. I am a perfectionist. I love turning an image around from its raw form to its finished beauty. Showing off the work you do at its best.

I am not a big retouching house. You will receive the same detailed and personalised service for every single image or shoot to ensure consistency of work. I get to know your idiosyncrasies, how you work and your style and I will always be at the end of the phone or email.


Retouching is for wedding, family, beauty & corporate clients who need something added or removing from a photograph.  It’s fixing blinks in formals, removing pesky fire exit signs or that camera bag you left in shot. It’s extending backdrops, taking out random members of public, cleaning up mole hills and recreating that photo with the groom and mum that you didn’t manage on the day.

It is also doing the one thing that I do more gently and sensitively than everything else. When a client hates their chin or arms. Or when a bra or wedding dress has made a bump that wouldn’t have been there normally, my aim is to create a photograph where the result looks natural. So that your client only sees a photograph of themselves they love.  I was once slimmed badly by a photographer and I’ll never work with them again. It made me feel awful and I would never want that for you or you client. 

If you’re not sure which section your image fits in, just send me the image with a note via Wetransfer and I’ll get back to you with a quote.
Please note, my minimum fee is now £20 per retouching job (
not per image). 

Retouching generally means: Adding, swapping or removing something in an image. Removing distractions. Jobs with mostly smaller number of images using Photoshop.


Simple head or eye swap

Simple Item removal

Simple curve reducing

Simple blemish removal

Simple headshot background swap


Complicated Item Removal

Full face portrait retouching

Add or remove 1 person

Replace background with solid colour

Extend background


Multiple image composites

Complicated item removal

Brick or fence work

Multiple people swaps

Architectural work


Culling is perfect for wedding, family, beauty & corporate photographers who don’t have the time to go through thousands of photographs or try and work out which of two very similar images is the right one. You would much rather see your wedding or shoot at it’s best after all of the blinks, lost focus and ‘not quite as good as the one next to it’ images have been taken out.

Culling generally means: Removing images from your shoot that won’t make the final set of supplied images.
Pricing is for pre-culled image count culled to whatever your destination number is.


per pre-culled image when culling only.


Editing is for family, boudoir, wedding & corporate photographers who would don’t want to spend time editing or have used AI and want final tweaks done. You’d rather be off doing other things. Whether that be taking photographs, marketing, spending time with family or catching up with friends. So have me take that job off your hands. Stress free.  If you’re a high turnover wedding photographer who wants quick, cheap and dirty I many not be for you. 

I take on editing for many areas of photography.
If you would like your shoots culled and edited that’s totally fine, just get in touch.

Editing generally means : Adding your own style to an image, straightening, cropping, fixing exposure and white balance. Mostly large numbers of images using Lightroom

£30 per hour

Your own preset

Adjust HSL / colour correction

Adjust exposure

Adjust noise / sharpening

Cropping / straightening of horizon

Dodge + Burn

Light spot / fluff removal


Album design is for wedding, family & boudoir photographers who simply would prefer someone else look after the design of their albums. I will spend the time juggling images till the client is happy, so that you don’t have to. With luck only one or two revisions are ever needed. With the best of luck none! However sometimes the back and forth seems to go on forever.  I can happily manage that for you. 

Album design means : Taking a set number of images that your client (or you) have chosen and building them into a lovely album design that your clients will love.

-30 spreads = £75
30+ spreads = £100

From My Clients

“I’ve used Larissa a number of times for retouching that is beyond my skill set; removing or adding people from group photos and tidying up backgrounds mostly, but nothing is ever too much work and her tune around is quick. Basically, she’s a wizard. Highly recommended.”

- Hannah Hall Photography

“If I need any retouching whatsoever I always use Larissa and have done for years. She is extremely helpful, reliable and her work is of the highest standard.Highly recommend!”

- Tracy Williams Photography

“Larissa is amazing. We've passed on some really tricky retouching jobs to her and been astounded by her skills. Clients are thrilled with the shots and we always know she'll pull it off on time and at a great price.”

- Whole Picture Weddings

“Larissa Is always there for any last minute retouching jobs I need. Her turnaround time is really fast and her work is always of really high quality. She's really good value for money, allowing me to crack on with the things I love.”

- Claire Penn Photography

"Thank you Larissa for the speed of delivery and outstanding quality you provided us. Our regular retoucher was unavailable and we needed images to be delivered to clients asap. LJR came highly recommended from a number of photographers. Images were sent with instructions on Friday afternoon, and we got them back Saturday morning. The retouch was flawless and we had great feedback from our client. Highly recommend, We have added Larissa to our preferred contractors list for all photo retouching culling and editing. Thanks again"

- Ghelani Studios

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