• 1 HR SESSION – This is an in depth session that can cover multiple items and show you different ways of doing things. We can use a selection of images to see how things work in different situations. It is a fully bespoke make sure you get the best use of me and out time. You can work along side me or simply watch my process, whichever way works best for you.



  • You’ll be learning from an expert with over 25 years of experience in Photoshop & Lightroom.
  • I have taught all experience levels and from ages 8-85 and will adapt to how you learn best.
  • Each session is tailored to your own learning needs and working with your own images.
  • No matter what you want to learn at whatever level you can be reassured that you are in safe hands with immense patience.
  • You can relax, take your time and come back to me with questions at any time.
  • You will be sent a recording of the Google Meet session via Google Drive to go back through at your leisure.
Happy Clients


“Larissa was super informative and knows her subject well. I was impressed with the level of training she gave and would highly recommend people join her courses. I'm pleased the session was recorded so I have a training resource to practice with. ”

Tracy Ecott

Happy Clients


“Photoshop is not something I use often, but I knew there were easier and better ways to carry out certain bits of editing that always seem to crop up (and cost me a fortune in outsourcing fees). Larissa really helped me see the many possibilities photoshop has to offer and was great at going through the step-by-step processes in how to do certain things. She was incredibly patient at answering all my questions and it is great to know she is on hand if I have any follow up questions. Thanks so much Larissa!”

Kirsty Hamilton Photography

Happy Clients


“Larissa was so helpful and knowledgeable during our session. Despite only being 30 minutes, I learnt so much and she added many extra tips and tricks to help me in Photoshop in general. Thank you Larissa, you’re a lifesaver! ”

Ami Louise Photography

Happy Clients


“Larissa's approach to teaching how to remove distracting background items and people from complex scenes was really insightful and easy to understand. Larissa showed us her choice of tools and her thought process for breaking down the tasks in to small sections and compositing the finished images. Thank you for the insights and I have already put these techniques in to place within my own work. ”

Rob Nelson Photography

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